Welcome to The Country Mansion

It is with a heavy heart that we announce after 40 years of great food, wonderful people, fun times and hard work that The Country Mansion will be closing all operations effective December 30, 2017.  This has been a very difficult and emotional decision and we are sad to say goodbye.


The Mansion provided a place for its patrons to feel at home.  It was the site of first dates, family brunch, wedding celebrations and family fun nights.  It is impossible to thank all of our outstanding customers individually, but we offer everyone a sincere thank you for your support.  It was a pleasure serving you time and again.


There are no words to clearly express the love and gratitude we feel for our staff who have worked so hard to keep our vision alive.  Their commitment, dedication and hard work allowed us to thrive in good times and bad.  We wish everyone the best of luck in whatever path they choose to follow in the future.


This small community of Dwight has something special—warm and welcoming neighbors, dedicated small business owners and a safe neighborhood for families to grow.  It has truly been an honor to live and serve in this community.  We sincerely hope that the strong sense of community in this Village thrives forever.


Our last day will be Saturday, December 30th.  Please feel welcome to stop in to enjoy your favorite meal, visit and have the chance to say goodbye.


If you had scheduled to share your special day with us, please be advised that all payments and deposits made will be refunded no later than January 31st.  We are sorry not to be able to honor these commitments.